Role: Product Designer

Tools + Methods: Figma, User Research

Deliverables: High Fidelity Prototype

In New York City, in unit laundry is a perk that remains hard to find, leading to masses of people using laundromats and self-service laundry. In a service-design centered project, I wanted to tackle this by exploring ways of creating positive interventions in the process in order to try and take away some of the frustrations that are often experienced by laundromat customers.

Full Case Study

The onboarding process in MatBuddy allows users to make a more informed and therefore satisfactory decision when finding their laundromat. By including information like walking distance, payment methods, and price, a user will feel like they’ve made an informed decision, and any sacrifices they make in one area are compensated for in another.

A user can easily check to see if any machines in their laundromats are available before walking all the way there. If they want more information, like which sized machines are available, price, or how long it will take for other machines to finish up their cycle, they can slide up on the card and look through that information.

The laundry checklist has the option to create lockable items. Having a checklist is helpful, but doesn’t solve the user’s entire problem of remembering to bring certain items with them unless they remember to add them to the list in the first place. With lockable items, a user who knows they almost always forget detergent, can add it to the list, lock it, check it, and it’ll remain there as an item for as long as the user wants. There is no need to write it down every time they, because it’ll be locked and serve as a reminder each time. If a user adds an item that’s a one off, they can also do that and keep it unlocked.

The timer and alert feature here are simply a reminder tool that accounts for a user’s walking time to the laundromat. In order to shorten a user’s laundry process, and encourage efficiency within the laundry system itself, the timer starts when the user’s machine is started and will be set automatically so that the user doesn’t forget to set one, or have to think about it.

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