Campus Facilities @ TNS

Role: Product Designer

Tools + Methods: Figma, Interviews, User Journeys

Deliverables: High Fidelity Prototype

Campus Facilities @ The New School is a project where I looked at the existing process of reporting broken facilities and how those reports are received by maintenance, and how I could create a new system, or sets of interventions to improve it.

Full Case Study

The reporting side of the platform is implemented straight into the university's app, making it easier to find for students and faculty who come across a broken facility. The form itself, previously muted and with overly complex language, is now more friendly, and although it is asking for the same information, does so in an easily understandable way. The inclusion of icons with imagery of the campus's iconic building facades adds an element of school spirit and community, and when a user is done with their report, they are given a rough estimate of when it will be tended to (as calculated by the information in their form), with the option of getting updates on the report's status.

The maintenance side of the portal is given the same attention to friendliness in its interface as the reporting side. While maintaining the necessary information and displaying it in an easy to intake way, the use of the building icons and school colors tie in the sense of school spirit and community that was previously disconnected from the platform. The functionality here also allows users to sort through maintenance reports according to what's useful to them, whether it be building, urgency, floor, etc.

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